Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22 - 2008 (Earth Day)

Here are a couple of cards I just finished. The first
one uses inchies that I made. First I cut 1" squares
from coloured wall paper, stamped on them with a small
rose stamp and then embossed. I used rub ons for the
word Rose. The inchies were layered on a
co-ordinating piece of card stock. The background
paper was made using cheap acyclic paint from the
dollar store. I spread first pink paint then blue
until I got it the way I liked it. Then the paper was
splashed with a little metallic gold paint. I am very
proud of the knot I made. I had asked for help on how
to tie a bow on "Just Stamps" a great group of
stampers that I belong to. I used their techniques
and voila. A great knot.

This card uses a technique called "Faux Silk". I took
a piece of coloured cards stock and covered it with
all purpose white glue. Then taking a piece of white
tissue paper I scrunched it and then opened it up
carefully so as not to tear it. The tissue was
applied to the card stock and was gently pressed down
leaving a few wrinkles. When the piece was dry, I cut
out an oval shape using my coluzzle. I stamped the
image using a graphite brilliance pad. This was then
glued on a co-ordinating piece of card stock. Again,
notice the bow.

Here is just a piece of "Faux Silk" waiting to be used
on a card. For this piece I used patterned piece of
wallpaper behind the tissue. It was then applied it
to a piece of cardstock.