Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tips and Techniques for March


Here’s some vellum techniques if using this parchment

1. Always use special adhesive such as Helmar’s Vellum Spray or one of the following techniques to avoid visible adhesive behind vellum

2. Brad and eyelets, always cute, functional and helps dress vellum up for elegant pages or dress it down for a rustic or vintage look.

3. Wrap around, cut or tear vellum a little wider than your project and wrap ends around tags, photos and flat embellishments and adhere ends on back of project. This allows you to use regular adhesive without it showing.

4. Glue edges, chalk edges of vellum with Powder Puff Chalking Inks from Quick Quotes (which we now sell) and run a regular glue stick lightly along the edges of your vellum. Glue is hidden by the chalking ink.

5. Use windows, place vellum words or poems behind laser pieces and border punchouts and adhere on back.

Here’s some tips on using the Quick Quotes Chalk Ink Pads

1. These inks are beautiful to apply on canvas when using light smooth, horizontal strokes, avoid scrubbing motion

2. Holding the ink pad, put your thumb in the curve and hold onto the back of the ink pad.

3. Chalk edges darker and centre of canvas lighter. Allow the texture of the canvas to show through. To mix color, start with lightest colour and work to darker color.

4. Use on vellum, chipboard and cardstock. Chalk entire piece of vellum and chipboard or just edges. Try tearing cardstock edges before chalking and hold pad at angle against edge instead of perpendicular.

5. Use on glossy paper, transparencies and smooth surfaces. Pat the chalking ink pad on glossy surfaces, do not scrub or drag ink pad. Allow to dry.

These hints and tips come from Quick Quotes