Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday, March 23 - 2008

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

My son has started a photo album for me today, and
here are pictures of cards that I just finished

It was my DIL's fathers birthday on March 17 and her
step mom's birthday March 10th. They are making a supper
tonight and here are the cards that I made for them.

Tori's Dad likes hunting. I found a picture in a
hunting magazine, attached it to olive green cards
stock and then found a great piece of wallpaper to
attach it to. The poplar bark is something that I
picked up on one of my hiking adventures.

Henrietta (Tori's step mom) likes tulips. I brayered
regular acyclic paint on card stock, the brayer was
not smooth and so I got a wavy effect. I then
sprayed it with gold glitter. The background again is
a piece of wallpaper.

I hope they like them.

Christine T

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday, March 05 - 2008

I finally have the time to update my blog. I know it
has been quite awhile. My son takes the photos for me
so I have to schedule picture taking for when he is
home and available. He is an avid outdoors man, so is
his wife Tori. Every Sunday, no matter how cold,
except when it is raining they go hiking. Up to and
including New Years Day they went diving. As soon as
I figure out how to get some of his underwater and
outdoors scenery on my blog as college sheets I will
add them for your enjoyment.

Below are two recent cards that I made for a couple of
girls at work. The shaker card with the porthole of
fish was for a one year old that is into fish. He is
still playing with it and his birthday was last week.
Still hasn't chewed it. The computer cards was for a
boy who is into computer.

I really liked how the nautical one turned out.

These are some of the cards that I have received from
different swaps. The Chinese Envelope Book is made
from authentic Chinese papers that were purchased in
China by her aunt. The note is posted as well.

These cards were from a Valentines Day Swap.

These are cards from other swaps. The daffodil card
is do bright and cheery, makes me think of Spring.
The one with four windows was done (I think with a
smushed acetate background, I could be wrong) and then
the metal flowers were attached. The Thinking of
You card is hand coloured .

I hope you like seeing these little works of art as I
have enjoyed them.

The weather here in Niagara on the Lake is snowy and
blowy. Not nice at time. Great time to stay indoors
and clean oops, sorry, I meant stamp.