Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday, March 23 - 2008

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

My son has started a photo album for me today, and
here are pictures of cards that I just finished

It was my DIL's fathers birthday on March 17 and her
step mom's birthday March 10th. They are making a supper
tonight and here are the cards that I made for them.

Tori's Dad likes hunting. I found a picture in a
hunting magazine, attached it to olive green cards
stock and then found a great piece of wallpaper to
attach it to. The poplar bark is something that I
picked up on one of my hiking adventures.

Henrietta (Tori's step mom) likes tulips. I brayered
regular acyclic paint on card stock, the brayer was
not smooth and so I got a wavy effect. I then
sprayed it with gold glitter. The background again is
a piece of wallpaper.

I hope they like them.

Christine T

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