Saturday, January 2, 2016

It has been more than a year since I last posted.

One of my New Year Resolutions is to post at least 3 times a week.

It may not alway be about crafty stuff but also about other things that interest me.  Another New Year Resolution is to make sure that I mail out my swap to the different groups on time.  

                  Here is a picture of a swap that I received.   The small cards are called ATC's.  You do not sell these, you only trade them.  They are miniature works of art. I wrote a post about ATC's a while ago. Here is the link to learn more about them:

Below is a picture of the Scarf and Toques set that I knit as a Christmas gift for my friend at work.
My friend always appreciated my handmade gifts.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Buddha Card

Buddha Card Creation

I am a member of a Yahoo Group called Oriental Stamp Art and here is the card I made for the Buddha swap.

The beige cardbase was layered with a piece of green patterned paper and then  a multi coloured green tag.  The Buddha was stamped on white cardstock, embossed in gold cut out and then layered onto the tag with foam tape to give a raised look.  I  used foam tape to attached flowers onto the base.  The grotto shape was cut from Washi wallpaper and glued around the main design to give a Temple look to the card.


Rolodex - Great Find At Thrift Shop!

I have been searching for one of these Rolodex for awhile now.  I did find  one similar at Staples, but they want up to $80.00 for one.  I found this beauty at a thrift shop for $ 3.50.  It has blank cards in it as well as the alphabetical dividers.  I am going to use it to keep track of my swaps and the addresses of my partners.  I will also use it to track my rubberstamps.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scrapbooking Tote

How to Pack A Scrapbooking Tote

One of the biggest problems I see at crops is that people bring way too much stuff. One of the main reasons for that is that we don’t want to forget anything so we bring it ALL! I may forget papers and things but with a tool tote that is always stocked, you’ll be ready to go anytime there is a crop or class. I transferred from a tote that wasn’t working (it was actually a purse) to a scrapbooking tote with a wide opening:
What to put in your scrapbooking tool tote
I use my tool tote every day. Not only is this tote for travel, it is the place where my supplies live permanently. I do have more adhesive, inkpads,  scissors, and needles than what is in my tool tote but I go to the tote first when I need to use something. This keeps me in the habit of using the tote so it isn’t a weird adjustment to use it when I go to crops. Additionally, by always accessing the bag, I am very aware of what supplies I am running low on, if I need to buy a new black pen at the moment, or if I should add more erasers because I am using pencil alot right now. I made a handy dandy video to share with you how I pack my tool tote.
Here are the essentials for any tool tote: (I’ve linked some of these to places you can buy online via affiliate links – I make a tiny commission if you buy but it helps me keep the crafty goodness coming)
How do you bring your tools to crops and classes? Do you have a tried and true method for organizing that you use? Please share in the comments!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Trends for 2015

Craft Trends to look for in 2015

craft trends
Christmas is almost here and 2015 is just around the corner! Pretty soon we’ll be making new years resolutions, Either towards your life or towards your crafting. I wanted to showcase some of the things I think will be trendy in the craft industry in 2015.
1. Foxes. I’m betting that foxes and other woodland creatures will still be going strong next year. I for one, still love a good fox or owl craft and I think we’ll still be seeing handmade items with a fox doodle, or hedgehog scrapbook paper.
2. Calligraphy. I’ve been seeing more and more calligraphy and hand writing inspiration in my pinterest feed and I think it’s a hobby that more people will be taking up or purchasing more typographic art.
3. Feathers and Flowers.  Feathers have been trendy for a while now, but I don’t think they’re growing old anytime soon. I also think wildflower fabrics and art will be making an appearance in the upcoming Spring season.
4. Recycled/Restyled Projects. I love a restyle project and I know a lot of other people do as well. Turning vintage flea market finds into a personalized piece of furniture is all the rage!
5. Simple Patterns. Chevrons, Herringbone, Scallops, Hearts and Stars as well as any other simple patterns are becoming quite popular. They’re not only easy to doodle (even if you’re not very good a drawing) but they’re also great for tone on tone patterned papers and fabrics that give you print without being overwhelming.
What trends do you think will stay strong/die off in 2015? Are there any new trends that you predict?

Christmas Santa's

I was so happy when I purchased these little  glass Santa's at a thrift shop last week  I was going to make cute sets of Christmas earrings for all of my friends.  Up until today I has not opened the bag that they came in.  Well I was in for a real surprise.  There are  23  of these little guys and each one is different.  There are two alike, but different sizes.  Now I will just have to purchase a tiny tree to put them on.  Too bad my original idea isn't going to work

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Steampunk Balloon Tag

Steampunk Balloon Tag

A swap is a fun exchange of items created by members of a group such as  
Art for the Creative Minds yahoo group.  It may be cards or ATC's  4X4 pages, junk journal. the variety of items it endless.  Some swaps are one to one, a single exchange, others are multiples of the same artwork sent to a hostess, who then sorts them out and sends them to the members who are taking part in the swap. It is exciting receiving the swaps, and seeing each persons interpretation of the swap's theme

The swap was to be a faux metal Steampunk Balloon Swap.  It was a one to one swap for Art for the Creative Minds yahoo group Art for the Creative Minds yahoo group.  The tag  it a #8  6 1/2" by 3 1/8".  I covered the tag with a piece of metal looking wallpaper.  I used a rubber-stamp showing a series of gears and cogs to stamp the background keeping with the steampunk theme.  The picture of the lady was a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) sent to me by another member of the group.  I used a balloon stamp that I purchased years ago  and rubbed the design onto a piece of thin aluminium with the rubber end of a pencil.  These little balloons were cut out and then attached with foam tape here and there on the tag.  Fibers were added at the top.

Halloween Swap

 Halloween  Swaps

A swap is a fun exchange of items created by members of a group such as  
Art for the Creative Minds yahoo group.  It may be cards or ATC's  4X4 pages, junk journal. the variety of items it endless.  Some swaps are one to one, a single exchange, others are multiples of the same artwork sent to a hostess, who then sorts them out and sends them to the members who are taking part in the swap. 
It is exciting receiving the swaps, and seeing each persons interpretation of the swap's theme

This is a Tri-Fold ATC  2 1/2" by 3 1/2 ".  The swap was for a Art for the Creative Minds yahoo group.   The swap was to be to feature Edgar Allen Poe.  I used images from Altered Pages.
I started with a piece of black card stock folded down to measure 2 1/2 X 3 1/2.  The middle image of Poe was layer on the black and then a paper frame was place around it.  The Raven ticket was printed from the internet.  The picture on the left shows  Edgar Allen Poe gravestone.  The raven picture on the right is also from Altered Pages.

These tags are for a Halloween swap for Stamping Scrapping Swapping Democracy.  The tags were a multiple swap.  We sent 8 tags to the hostess and in exchange we will receive 8 different tags.
I cut black card stock to a #8 manilla tag. 6 1/4" by 3 1/8".   The orange layer was cut about 1/4" smaller all around and then the spiderweb piece was cut smaller by another 1/4".  I used a spider web washi tape that I received from a member of another group across the bottom.  I purchased a package of spiders with the angel hair webs from a Dollar tree.  I pulled the angel hair to give the appearance of a webs and then hot glued the spider in the middle.  I use a Halloween sticker to attach the ribbon to the top of each tag.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

We were given an eviction notice the middle of June.  The owner's daughter was getting married and she wanted the house.  It took over 6 weeks to find something else suitable.  We needed 2 bathrooms, a garage,  3 bedrooms, a living room , dining room and a large kitchen.  We found  the house we were looking for, but unfortunately, it does not have a garage.  The price was right, so we agree to rent it.

It took over 20 days to move everything to the new residence.  Thankfully, it was just about 4 km from where we were living.  My son and his friends did all the moving.

I am still trying to unpack the boxes and find things.

Wolf my son left for New York today.  He is trying out for a new survival reality show.

Luka our Husky passed away about a month ago and we were offered a rescued husky.   The  original owner  got her as a puppy and had to leave her with his mother.  She did not want the dog.   We had not  planned on getting a new dog so soon, but this one needed a forever home.  She is black and white with beautiful blue eyes.   Luna has not left Wolf's side since she came to live with us and  has been going everywhere with him.   Now that he left, she is mopping up in his bedroom.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Composition Book Cover

"Composition Book" Cover

This is swap for the internet group  Stamping, Swapping, Scrapping Democracy (SSSD).  We were to choose a Month and create a theme for that month.  Seven people signed for this swap. We were required to make seven identical covers.
I chose October and a Halloween Theme. 
Once completed, I mailed the seven duplicate covers to the hostess of the swap for distribution among the group members.    

Materials Used:
  • Cut a piece of black heavy card stock  6 1/2" by 8"
  • Cut a piece of orange Cardstock ( I use Bazzill) approx 5 1/2" X 6"
  • The middle of the orange card stock was cut out using a SizzixDie Bigx-Top Note
  • Do not throw the cutaway piece out.  It can be stamped or embellished for future  for card fronts.
  • Cut a piece of punchinella cut from corner to corner of the  base piece
  • Attach the punchinella to the card stock with a piece of double sided tape.
  • The main design ( the spooky house is a cuttlebug die)
  • White pigment ink was dragged over over the house image to give an eerie  effect.
  • The windows and moon where highlighted with gold pen
  • Attach the main design on the backside of the frame with the coloured design showing.
  • Attach the frame with the design to the card on top of the punchinella
  • Stamp a Halloween saying on a piece of orange card stock and attach it to a piece of black card stock.
  • Embellish as desired

A "composition book" cover is a particular style of notebook, pictured below.

Sewing ATC's

Sewing Artist trading card (ATCs) These are miniature works of art about the same size as modern trading cards baseball cards, or 2 12 by 3 12 inches (64 mm × 89 mm)  Generally they are small enough to fit inside shirt pocket. The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and has its origins in Switzerland. These Cards are produced in various media, including dry media such as pencils, pens, markers, etc., wet media like watercolor, acrylic paints, etc., paper media in the form of collage, papercuts, found objects, etc. or even metals and fiber. The cards are usually traded or exchanged. Generally ATC's are not sold, only traded.  When sold, they are usually referred to as art card editions and originals (ACEOs).

Here are two ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) I created from Altered Pages materials.

   To make these ATC's:
  • Choose your theme idea 
  • Cut heavy card stock or cardboard (such as an old cereal box) to exactly 2 1/2" X 3 1/2 "
  • Cut and Glue scrapbook paper onto cardboard pieces you just cut out.
  • Print off collage sheets from Altered Pages
  • Cut images from collage sheets
  • Glued images onto cardboard sheet
  • Embellish as desired

Images were cut from a the following Altered Pages collection
  • Sewing collage 
  • Fashion collage
  • Button Sheet
On the back of each card, the artists name, the date it was made, the number of this type of card that were produced, and any other contact information desired. This can be considered a unique form of a business card.

Trading cards offer glimpse into Edmonton art scene Edmonton Journal Friday, July 27, 2007

Artists' trading cards put collectible creations in the palm of your hand Honolulu Star Bulletin Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Main Yule Tree

Here is a picture of our main Yule Tree.  It stands about 12 feet tall.  A lot of our decorations are vintage and I make sure that they are wrapped in tissue very year and secured in egg cartons.  We celebrate Yule on the closest Saturday to the 21st of December.  This year December the 21st fell on a Saturday.  My son and I hold an open house each Yule and there are usually anywhere from 20 to 35 people at our home.  It is usually standing room only within an hour.  We provide a buffet meal, ( fruit tray, veggie tray, meatballs, turkey, cold cut tray, salad, devilled eggs  and dessert tray)  and soft drinks,  if the guests want anything else they bring their own.   The piggly was part of my Mothers day gift this year.

My son, Wolf worked at a place called Camp Edgewood as the head supervisor for the summer. When he was leaving, they gave him a mounted fish as a parting thank you gift. I decorated the fish with some pine boughs from the tree, and an extra santa hat.

Yule Trees

This tree is decorated with Ornaments that I have received in swaps.  The majority are from SSDS a group where we made 25 ornaments and sent each ornament to a different person.   We each received a different ornament.  Some of the members made greeting cards,  knitted dishcloths, a small runner.  It was exciting opening each little package.

This is our small hall tree. 

Here a photo's of Wolf cutting down the small tree for our entrance way.

The small tree is a juniper that was growing wild beside our irrigation ditch.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fathers Day Tool Card

This is a Fathers Day card that I made.  I used aluminum foil for the background and ran it through my cuttlebug.  The little apron was made from card stock and attached with Brads.  The ties are small pieces of leather.

The little tools are metal that I purchased from a dollar store.  They can be removed from the apron for use.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

piggies, coffee, mothers day

My Mothers Day gifts from Wolf and Tori. Love them all. The Barrista coffee maker is from Starbucks. It makes great Coffee. The Coffee Wolf bought is from Cuba and he purchased it at the Mexican store on Vine Street. It is very mild and not bitter at all. The piggly looks round like Babe and has a sleepy look. Another piggly for my collection.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shaker Card

This is a Shaker Card for a Just Cards Swap.  I received the large bingo sheet as a RAK and the small bingo card is from a collage sheet from Altered Pages.  The clear circle is from a packaging and I used Martha Stewarts glitter.  Wellbond was used to attach the round acetate to the card.

Coloured Image Focal Point

This card used a coloured image as the focal point.  I received this image in an image swap awhile ago.  The cupcakes she is holding in each hand are brads. The yellow flower is a made from glitter foam. I used two sided foam tape to attach each item to give a 3D effect

Food Card

This was for a swap using Food as the theme.  The large strawberries were cut from a newspaper ad as was the word Strawberries.  The word was layered onto a piece of polka dot paper.  The center where the strawberry is was cut using two different dies.  The center strawberry was from a swap a long time ago.  It was included in a card kit.

Sketch card

This was for a swap called Sketch card. The main picture is the Large Cupcake and then the little cupcakes 3 of them along the side at the bottom and 3 along the side at the top.  The large cupcake and the little ones were cut out and attached with foam tape to make them dimensional.

Side Step card

This is a sidestep card with an oriental theme.  The Geisha is from an Altered Pages Collage. The card was for a swap called "A Different Fold".   Instructions for making this card may be found on Splitcoast Stampers

Jean pocket with goodies

Jean pocket filled with goodies for Art For the Creative Mind Swap.  The pocket was cut from an old jean shirt.  No sewing needed.  I cut a 12 inch strip of material and gathered it to make the flower.  I made three of these and then used a brad to attach them.  I used weldbond to attach the flower and the other embellishments

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Well so much for my Halloween Commitment to create one Halloweeen piece per day.  I got so far behind, I will leave it until next Halloween and then catch up.  I may start making things for Halloween a few months in advance. 

This post is about Trends.  I hope that you enjoy it.
  • Well, this isn't new - last year, travel themed products were everywhere.  If you invested, in maps, compasses, luggage, etc. you were wise because that trend remains HOT.
  • Do you get a thrill from shopping at Office Depot or Office Zilla?  Well, our reporters saw lots of office/stationery stuff too - note cards, lines for notepaper, stuff like that.  You might be looking at the stuff in your office in a whole new way.  
  • Arrows and feathers were hot last year and remain so.  I don't get the "feather thing" but whatever, if you do, you're HOT.  
  • You'll see more companies carrying dies to coordinate with their stamps.  Hero Arts has been doing this for awhile, but you'll see more and more of it.  I love this but it's expensive -- you have to be careful to pick dies that you think will be used often and have a versatile appeal.  
  • Project Life is HUGE.   It's all over.  Companies trying their own lines and if they're not, making elements that fit with existing 3x4 and 4x6 pockets from other companies.   I am a big Project Life fan.  Great concept for scrapbooking and many of the small journaling cards are still cute popped up on a card front.   
  • Were you a fan of the chevron?  You trendsetter you!  Yep -- it's still around. Ditto for Hexagons.  In my mind, it's quilt patterns.
  • Vintage -- cameras, typewriters, luggage, phones.  Here's a Tim Holtz stamp set that I expect to be very popular.  
  • Felt, embroidery and twine.  Think texture.  Think sewing.  Think "homespun."
  • Mixed reviews from my reporters on chalkboard as a theme.  I think this is a yes -- it's all over Pinterest and in the digital community, but not yet in stamps.  
  • Want to know the hot colors?  The picture above is of the Pantone Colors for 2013.  Personally, I'm a fan of the "color of the year" EMERALD, as I think it's a neutral like Stampin' Up! Old Olive and will go with everything.  Heard lots of groans and signs about it.... but I'm happy.  Love the basics and think this will be a color that will stand the test of time. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Blog continued.  Only one day behind.

Day 5:
Here is a tag that I created  last year using images from Altered Pages.  It was part of one of my design kits.


Day 6
I created this pop up card for a swap last year.


Day 7
This tag was also created using images from Altered Pages using their images.  This was the second tag created for the kit.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Here is Day 4 creation for my 31 Days of Halloween.  This is a Telescope Card for a swap that I am in.  I hope my swap partner likes it.
The picture shows the card closed.

This shows the Telescope Card open.

Sorry that I am late with my Halloween posting. I forgot how to load my pictures from my camera to my computer.  My son came home this weekend and helped me.  I wrote down the instructions, so I should have no more problems keeping up with my posts.
 Here is Wednesdays Oct 3rd's update.