Saturday, August 23, 2014

We were given an eviction notice the middle of June.  The owner's daughter was getting married and she wanted the house.  It took over 6 weeks to find something else suitable.  We needed 2 bathrooms, a garage,  3 bedrooms, a living room , dining room and a large kitchen.  We found  the house we were looking for, but unfortunately, it does not have a garage.  The price was right, so we agree to rent it.

It took over 20 days to move everything to the new residence.  Thankfully, it was just about 4 km from where we were living.  My son and his friends did all the moving.

I am still trying to unpack the boxes and find things.

Wolf my son left for New York today.  He is trying out for a new survival reality show.

Luka our Husky passed away about a month ago and we were offered a rescued husky.   The  original owner  got her as a puppy and had to leave her with his mother.  She did not want the dog.   We had not  planned on getting a new dog so soon, but this one needed a forever home.  She is black and white with beautiful blue eyes.   Luna has not left Wolf's side since she came to live with us and  has been going everywhere with him.   Now that he left, she is mopping up in his bedroom.