Sunday, December 29, 2013

Main Yule Tree

Here is a picture of our main Yule Tree.  It stands about 12 feet tall.  A lot of our decorations are vintage and I make sure that they are wrapped in tissue very year and secured in egg cartons.  We celebrate Yule on the closest Saturday to the 21st of December.  This year December the 21st fell on a Saturday.  My son and I hold an open house each Yule and there are usually anywhere from 20 to 35 people at our home.  It is usually standing room only within an hour.  We provide a buffet meal, ( fruit tray, veggie tray, meatballs, turkey, cold cut tray, salad, devilled eggs  and dessert tray)  and soft drinks,  if the guests want anything else they bring their own.   The piggly was part of my Mothers day gift this year.

My son, Wolf worked at a place called Camp Edgewood as the head supervisor for the summer. When he was leaving, they gave him a mounted fish as a parting thank you gift. I decorated the fish with some pine boughs from the tree, and an extra santa hat.

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nightingalehoop said...

Tree is beautifully decorated in this blog.

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