Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scrapbooking Tote

How to Pack A Scrapbooking Tote

One of the biggest problems I see at crops is that people bring way too much stuff. One of the main reasons for that is that we don’t want to forget anything so we bring it ALL! I may forget papers and things but with a tool tote that is always stocked, you’ll be ready to go anytime there is a crop or class. I transferred from a tote that wasn’t working (it was actually a purse) to a scrapbooking tote with a wide opening:
What to put in your scrapbooking tool tote
I use my tool tote every day. Not only is this tote for travel, it is the place where my supplies live permanently. I do have more adhesive, inkpads,  scissors, and needles than what is in my tool tote but I go to the tote first when I need to use something. This keeps me in the habit of using the tote so it isn’t a weird adjustment to use it when I go to crops. Additionally, by always accessing the bag, I am very aware of what supplies I am running low on, if I need to buy a new black pen at the moment, or if I should add more erasers because I am using pencil alot right now. I made a handy dandy video to share with you how I pack my tool tote.
Here are the essentials for any tool tote: (I’ve linked some of these to places you can buy online via affiliate links – I make a tiny commission if you buy but it helps me keep the crafty goodness coming)
How do you bring your tools to crops and classes? Do you have a tried and true method for organizing that you use? Please share in the comments!

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