Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Organization for the New Year

How to stay organized...article from Scrapbook Etc.
1. Clean up your space between layouts.
2. Invest in a labeler or create labels using return address labels. Use the labels to identify where your supplies belong.
3. For digital elements, create a filing system on your computer. Tag the different files you download so you can easily search for whatever element you need for a page.
4. Keep your oft-used items close at hand-either in boxes on your work surface-or nearby in a drawer or closet.
5. Purge on a regular basis. It might be hard to let go of some of those old supplies, but you can donate them to day cares, preschools, classrooms, or service
organization where they will be used and appreciated.
6. Commit to an organization system for three months. The only way to learn what works is to experiment. If you commit for a short period of time, you give yourself
mental permission to like or dislike the system without regret.
7. Determine your top three go-to items and store them together so you won't have to dig through your stash.
8. Dedicate a chunk of time to implement the system for ALL your supplies. If you only organize 10% of your supplies, you won't reap the rewards.


Tolegranny said...

Excellent Christine. We all need a little organization in our lives not just in art and our workspace.

Susan King said...

Thanks for posting these, Christine. We all need a few of these tips!

Autumn Light Designs said...

I like the concept of committing to a system for three months. And purging stuff regularly--something I've committed to this year. Thanks.

Loz said...

I would not get past number one Christine.. I am very disorganized..Loz

Marjie Kemper said...

This is such good advice, and I know I always feel loads better when I do a big purge. It's getting to be that time!

Snoopy said...

Great advice, Christine! I've already started.

Snoopy :D