Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jan 6, 2008

This is my first attempt a having a blog. My son Wolf set it up, and now I will try and keep it going.

A friend of mine, Don, said I should have a facebook acct. I belong to a number of rubberstamping groups on the internet and most of the ladies seem to have blogs. So here I am.

I want to start my own business designing greeting cards and ladies accessories. I will post a picture of some of my scarves that I have knit and a pr . of slippers that I did for my mom. I thought this blog would be a great place to get feedback on my work and a few orders wouldn't hurt either.(He, He)

My daughter-in-law creates very impressive calendars and memory books for pets. People send her the pictures of their pets and she incorporates them into calendars. Tori also makes memory books using metal CD cases. I will get Wolf to post a few of the pieces that she has designed. She hope to expand her business into creating gift baskets for pets.

My son is the computer tech in the family. He is also an avid scuba diver (we live in Southern Ontario, Canada) and he went diving New Years Day. Tori (his wife) and I went to watch him and about 30 or more hearty souls go for a dive in the Welland Canal. It wasn't too cold. We only required a portable space heater to keep us warm.

Wolf is also an experienced rought terrain hiker. Sometime I will go with him and Tori. It is fun and
I usually do enjoy myself.

Well enough about me and my family for now. I am off to read for awhile before Desperate Housewives comes on.

Diving in the drysuit and Agamask

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