Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, January 30th - 2008

Well I am over the awful bug that I caught. I had to
take off more time from my job in the past three weeks
then I did all last year.

I am back to blogging again.

Below are three Swap Cards that I received. The one
with the zebra from an African theme swap is a motion
one. When you pull the ribbon, the zebra moves across
the veld.

The other two are from a gate fold swap and a
tri-colour, red, orange and celery. Love the little
contented bunny. Both are wonderful.

The card with the catface and sunflowers is one that I
did for a Rak.

The background papers are made using PVA glue and then
I rubbed cheap acrylic paints on the, then rubbed on a
gold metalic paint.

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